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Are you longing for an initiation?

The Pilgrimage, a Rite-of-Passage

feelings of disconnect and Discontent..

Coming back to our actual senses is arriving home to ourselves.


Living in modern urban environments gives little space to imagination, curiosity, and awareness of communicating with our physical senses of the directions.  Our urban situations can remove us from the mystery aspects of the natural world and have adverse subconscious effects on our inner health and well-being.

When we have the day-to-day intention to move through any given landscape, and the reality is to get from Point A to Point B the fastest way possible, we are left hollow.  Generally rushed and hurried by the end of the day, we often feel deflated, exhausted, disenchanted, and out of breath, with little to no energy left to explore our inner landscapes and outer senses.


There are many ways in which we can feel a sense of disconnect. We may feel unhappy with our physical appearance, health, accomplishments, or lack of partners and jobs, but nothing or anyone at the end but us can get us through. We often hear the term, 'We are the ones we have been waiting for.' Well, we indeed are.

Many years ago, I went on a long bicycle journey through one of my favorite countries, Ireland. For the first time in my budding stages of early adult life, I learned about the importance of slowing down while moving through a landscape of my choice. I thought nothing could match my experience of dropping into my perceived senses and the powerful feelings it created inside of me, riding a bicycle.

Years later, I discovered that even sitting on a bike, the pace was still too fast to tap into the power of personal perception. That is where I found the meaning of walking, step by step, pace by pace, thought by thought. With the exploration came the muse. Never before had I experienced her presence in such a focused way, but there she was...

What started with simply walking with awareness and intention soon turned into a new context of devotional walking, leading to the discovery of layers of a yet more profound, raw, intuitive, and unexplored self.

Here, on this 7 Months Pilgrimage, I invite you to slow down, start breathing again, and rediscover your most creative and multifaceted sense of self!

During your 7 Months Pilgrimage you will explore:

              Kindling your passion and strengths

              Creating more time for yourself

              Opening up to new perspectives and ideas

              Re-calibrating your inner being

              Experiencing the sacred in the every day

              Engaging in spiritual ritual and daily practice

              Connecting with your true heart's desire

              Finding your sanity in the midst of a crazy making modern world

              Being initiated through transformation

              Stepping into your courage to be your true authentic self

              Connecting with a community of like minded women


"So what exactly is a Pilgrimage" you might ask?!

There are a million ways we can express devotion. The most common way, and one that is near and dear, might be the presence and love we show partners and children.

Some people build altars and pray to statues; others kiss the ground or watch the moon rise above familiar places. 

What we often need to do is devote a time and place to ourselves consistently.  We marvel over creations far more significant than us and dedicate our efforts to unobtainable causes.

Consider ourselves, our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, to be the most significant temples of all times. Keeping ourselves joyful and healthy takes acknowledgment, dedication, trust, time, and devotion.  After all, it is said that a joyful self maintains a healthy immune system and vice versa.

The GreenElder Pilgrimage is dedicated to the longevity of your overall health and well-being.  Whether you are looking for a simple reset, reboot, recharge, timeout, inspiration, recalibration, or initiation in your life, the Pilgrimage will support you wherever you are at this moment in time.


How the 7 Months Pilgrimage is structured:

This Pilgrimage with GreenElder is a way-show-er and guide. It will help you adjust to your current reality with the wisdom of your own insight in conjunction with the directional studies. The seven directions, also described as doors, will give you daily, weekly, and monthly themes and activities, with explicit instructions and resources to support grounding yourself throughout your journey with intention and mindfulness practices.


We will create altar spaces together, make things with our hands, get back into our bodies through physical activities, read, journal, write, sing, play and pray, learn new things, and walk! We do all these activities to bring ritual and sacredness back into our lives, families, work, and homes.

Each month, you will work and play with a specific theme that will lead you spiraling inward on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Within the definition of study, there will be reflections, assignments, and some degree of personal accountability in place.

“The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes                                              

Opening Image.JPEG

Opening and Closing the Directional Doors:

 Through your past and present, you will find your true north, forge and hone in on your sacred path, with consciousness, awareness, and joyful intention.

Every journey begins with a respectful beginning and proper ending. During our time together we will conduct a small ceremony and an orientation for navigating the different content, plus Q&A time.

Module 1:

The East Door

New Beginnings- If not now when!

 ‘Resisting Change, how did I get here?’

To truly begin your journey you will have to say 'YES' to you! 

The East will help with your process of letting go of old and outdated perceptions.  In order to move forward you will be asked to give up something of yourself, partaking in the art of Feng Shui to harmonize your energy with your living/work space

We will create altars and sacred environments, while examining the impact of mental hygiene and the way we communicate with the living world around us.

Module 2:

The West Door

 Tending My Garden- Womb Work

‘Holding Grudges~ Struggle vs Forgiveness (self and others)’

We will explore nutrition and the value of physical exercise as an access point to deepen our connection to the places where we store unexpressed emotions.

The West holds the greatest opportunity to heal of all of the different directions.  Here you will be able to do your most concentrated work, diving into the sacred garden of your body and womb..

Module 3:

The North Door

Truth and Reconciliation- Past. Present. Future.

The Underbelly: ‘Reflections and Projections (what if…)’

To have expectations we need to come to a better understanding about what holds us back.  The depth of this door will open the opportunity taking closer look at the shadow self, ancestry work, discern what's yours and what is not..

Module 4:

The South Door

Connecting with your Center of Power- Courage over Comfort

 ‘What am I committing to?'

During your time in the South you will connect with your joyful warrior spirit.  Learning about what stokes your inner fire and how to keep your batteries charged.

Module 5:

The Sky Door

Visionary/Possibilities/Potentialities- Bigger Picture- where to go from here...


The sky is the limit?!  The intention of this door will give you a broader and deeper understanding of your inner and outer visions and dreams.

Discover your muse! 

Module 6:

The Earth Door

Grounding into the Now- Where the rubber meets the road

 ‘Realistic Expectations ?!’

In this module you will take note of your personal manifested growth.  We stop asking about how and why but stand in gratitude and awe of the life forces that nourish and sustain us.  We connect with the earthly forces, energies, personal guides, and plant allies. The Earth door requires personal as well as communal work.

Here we realize we can not do it alone~  who are your people and who is coming with.

Module 7:

The Heart Door

Standing in Service- My Strengths and Passions

 ‘Falling in Love’

Here you will arrive at a place of connecting with your true heart's desire.  Expanding towards purpose in service to life and light itself. 

Learning to lean into the graces, with trust, we listen and pay attention to the subtle energies and messages.

Digging deep, 'what do you really want...'

Module 8:


Available upon completion of the 7 months journey...


What Women Are Saying About Angelika..


-Silke Rose West (Founder of Taos Earth children / co-author: How to tell stories to children) 

"COURAGE, WISDOM, LEADERSHIP; These are the three keys to unlock the stuck old self." Angelika has ways to help us unlock the doors to tap into the power within our own being. She is a wise medicine woman, who leads you through the most challenging places with her powerful songs and medicine and supports you to turn all failure into rich manure for new growth. When I was broken and lost, she helped me to find my strength and believe in myself again. She saw a strength in me that I had lost sight of and encouraged me to move forward in a new way with a song in my heart.  I highly recommend her services for any woman, who stands on the threshold of the mid-life and wants to continue to grow! "

-Kristina Lunai Numina @femmecina Mujerista, Guerrera, Ritualista, Maestra


-Molly K. Brown

Award Winning Author & Integrative Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

"Angelika's wisdom arises from the place beyond words or content. It arises from the place of profound stillness from which existence itself arises. To access this place one must have traveled the path with immense courage to be with discomfort and metabolize it, born only from deep trust, knowing, clarity, and direct experience and communication with the mystery. A heart such as hers is what the world needs now. My faith and trust in Angelika and her offering is unwavering. I highly recommend the Green Elder Project to anyone desiring greater depth, insight, faith, trust, knowing, connection, intimacy, joy, purpose, and right alignment."

"Angelika is a good relative that I have had the honor to work with!


As an indigenous brown chicana womxn, I'm filled with immense gratitude for Angelika's generous guidance and sharing ancient rituals freely. I have witnessed and experienced abundant love from Angelika as well as direct messages that pierce my illuminating core. With the support and encouragement from Angelika, I feel more than prepared to walk through my own threshold from maiden to mother. These rights of passage are incredibly important to me. My seeking for guidance connected me to Angelika, a wise one, a grandmother, an elder. I completely support The Green Elder project now more than ever. We need elders guiding us, sharing their stories, and making themselves seen and accessible so we can find them. Angelika Heikaus truly embodies the spirit of an elder and the soul of a grandmother."


About Angelika..

Many years ago I deepened my commitment to spiritual work when I started dancing in Teotehuacan in Mexico at the Danza de la Luna, under the guidance of the Moondance abuela and chief Abuela Malinalli and Ollintlahuimetztli.

I have since been studying the principals of the Aztec/Mayan astrology and cultural mythologies in association with the teachings of the Moondance.

Over the past 15 years, my travels to the Amazon region in South America have fundamentally changed my life and helped shape and fine tune my sense of self in every way possible.  I am deeply grateful for the teachings and encounters with the plant kingdom as well as the guides supporting the processes of exhilarated growth.  

Engaging in earth based practices and ceremonial rituals is something I am deeply passionate about.  I became a sacred pipe carrier over a decade ago and remain fiercely devoted to the medicine of and for the people.

Native to the Rhein Basin in Germany, in 1994, I decided to strap on my wandering boots and followed divine guidance which brought me to Taos, New Mexico. This is where I raised my son, built beautiful custom homes and gardens, and maintained a successful business for nearly two decades.

Northern New Mexico continues to be my primary home.  It is an honor to live in this sacred valley of the ancient and respected Taos Pueblo peoples.

My husband and I have been in the process of manifesting an 'outpost' on the Big Island of Hawaii where we express our deep gratitude to be living as stewards on the ancestral lands of the indigenous population of the Pacific islanders, the Kānaka Maoli or Kānaka ʻŌiwi.

A heart connection to the island's powerful energies compel us to pray and be present with 'Ka Mauna a Wākea'- the birthplace, and one of the most important pillars of sacredness and connectedness in Hawaiian mythology, past and present.

To learn more about me, or connect with me as a guide, feel free to message me.


Free Bonus Features!

       Personalized Tonalamatl Chart Reading (1hour), upon sign up, plus chart in pdf, and recording

      2 Follow up calls, available per request, post journey~ 30 min/each (expires within 12 months after Closing)

      Access New Moon Song Sharing Circle (community event), 1 hour life zoom call, monthly, plus recordings and lyric sheets

     Access to GreenElder Project  FB/Whatsapp Discussion Group

    Upon completion of the 7 months course, one additional module will be provided with added course content


"What can I learn from taking this course?"

"Is this course taught in person or online?"

"Can I make payments for this course?"

"Why is the course seven months long?"

"Will I receive a certificate for this course?"

"What if I miss a month of the program due to traveling, prior commitments, etc..?"

" You will be introduced to new concepts, ideas, and different cultural practices aside from being able to explore the lineages of your own ancestral practices. The more energy you put into your personal study and explorations the more you will gain from it."

"The course is online but includes LIVE and self guided aspects.  For personal and communal check in and support we will meet every two weeks  via zoom in addition to a private FB and Whatsapp group."

"Yes, there are a number of different payment options available for you to explore. Click HERE for payment options.

"From our experience it takes time and dedication to form and deepen a relationship with new energies, concepts, rituals, and healthy habits."

"Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing your Pilgrimage. I consider this accomplishment a rite-of-passage of an exceptional dedication and experience in your spiritual discipline and personal growth."

"Having to miss some of the program is not an issue.  The course material will be available to you to be able to catch up when life slows down, that's the beauty of an online platform."

Beautiful Landscape

Why is the Pilgrimage
Important now?


navigating transformational times

The Pilgrimage of the GreenElder Project is here to inspire, discover, express, empower, and enliven the lives of women that are going through transformational times in their lives. 

Who are we and who have we become? 

How do we want to continue to live? 

How do we want to be remembered?

What is our legacy?

Ultimately, we will engage in this process of experiencing everyday awareness and mindfulness practices to allow for the deeper changes to take hold in our beings so we can continue to stand strong with the intention to be pillars for ourselves, our children, families, and communities.


"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. And then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

~Howard Thurman


"It is my desire to incorporate the principle teachings of the directional studies into a foundational context of the GreenElder Program (GEP), to bring our personal and collective awareness back to these energies that are fundamental and formative to a healthy society and individual relationship with oneself, others, and the world we live in."       - Angelika Heikaus, Founder and CEO of TGEP

What is included in this program:

3x 1/2hr private support call, via zoom (on-boarding, midway, in-closing)

 1.5 hr Q&A sessions, bi-weekly life zoom calls with community

 Lifetime Access to all course content

For each module you will receive a written summary of theme, elements, instructions, videos, replays of community sessions etc., on membership platform    

Seven months of concentrated personal work to return to the  unedited authentic version of yourself


The 7 month pilgrimage: $2450USd
Payment plans available

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