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Who is Angelika? 

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Many years ago, I deepened my commitment to spiritual work when I started dancing in Teotihuacan in Mexico at the Danza de la Luna, under the guidance of the Moondance chief Abuela Malinalli and Ollintlahuimetztli. Since Abuela Mailinallis passing I have been dancing with Abuela Lupita and Tlazohteotl Xochimetztli, which carries the lineage of Abuela Malinalli.

I have since been studying the principals of the Aztec/Mayan astrology and cultural mythologies in association with the teachings of the Moondance.

Over the past 14 years, my travels to the Amazon region in South America have fundamentally changed my life and helped shape and fine tune my sense of self in every way possible.  I am deeply grateful for the teachings and encounters with the plant kingdom as well as the guides supporting the processes of exhilarated growth.  

I am deeply passionate about engaging in earth-based practices and ceremonial rituals. I became a sacred pipe carrier a decade ago and remain devoted to the medicine of and for the people.

Native to the Rhein Basin in Germany, in 1994, I decided to strap on my wandering boots and followed divine guidance which brought me to Taos, New Mexico. This is where I raised my son, built beautiful custom homes and gardens, and maintained a successful business for nearly two decades.

Northern New Mexico continues to be my primary home.  It is an honor to live in this sacred valley of the ancient and respected Taos Pueblo peoples.

My husband and I have been in the process of manifesting our home on the Big Island of Hawaii where we express our deep gratitude to be living as stewards on the ancestral lands of the indigenous population of the Pacific islanders, the Kānaka Maoli or Kānaka ʻŌiwi.

A heart connection to the island's powerful energies compel us to pray and be present with 'Ka Mauna a Wākea'- the birthplace, and one of the most important pillars of sacredness and connectedness in Hawaiian mythology, past and present.

To learn more about me, or connect with me as a guide, feel free to message me.

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