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Joining the Pilgrimage was a supportive process in my life.  It allowed me to deepen my relationship with the directions, and thus my life.
I loved being able to track my life through the lenses of these different doors and was in awe of what was ignited by standing at each threshold.  I appreciated the opportunity to pray, build altars, and set intentions each month.  I am leaving this program feeling stronger, more awake, alive, connected, transformed, and grateful for what has shifted within. The directions were beautiful mirrors of the way life moves in all of its elements, themes, currents, micro and macro realities.  Thank you Angelika for your beautiful guidance.

-Brandy W.


The pilgrimage catalyzed a coming of age in community, a co-maturing into true self-responsibility and self-awareness. The course design became a tour of myself in every aspect and of my relational self to all those in my life through an intentional process, walking the directions, welcoming the miracles, the softening and finally the transformation of deeply rutted negative patterns, self-doubts and anxieties into useful wisdom of our own sacred experience.

-Caitlin L.


I joined the GreenElder Project as I was going through a big transition in my life. Relocating my family to a different country.
I found the nature and the structure of the project being extremely helpful in my process.
I was amazed to witness the correspondence between the direction we were in and my own reality.
Unfortunately, since I was going through that change and because, at some point, the time difference between the group and me was so big - I had to miss most of the meetings that were taking place. But I am happy to have all this wonderful knowledge available to me to go back and visit at any time in the future.
I really liked walking on my path as I had an extra awareness, like a little flashlight that was walking along with me, purring a different light of awareness on my journey, even if just by knowing it is there.
It was precious to be witnessed on my walk and to accompany other sisters on their journey.
Angelika gathered all this priceless knowledge and delivered it in the most graceful and beautiful way.
Her walk on the journey is authentic and present. In her shares, she encourages us to be real, venerable and go through a true process. She will be there to support,offer comfort, and if needed she will give a wise loving advice.

-Netta-yah B.


I found myself again through the pilgrimage. Through focus on each direction and element I rediscovered my connection to my internal and external worlds and it has given my life more meaning. I will forever view my world in a new and deeper way.

-Aaylah W.


The Pilgrimage is a rich, powerful and deep dive into the study of the directions ~ the mandala that creates the container for 

our incredible lives to be held within and expressed.  Angelika shares her great passion and wealth of experience and knowledge working with

the directions.  There is an invitation and great opportunity here to deepen one's personal walk with the Holy.  If you say yes to this journey there is no 

doubt that you will be touched and changed.   It has been a rich, beautiful, nourishing, edge-walking, magical journey.  I truly felt Angelika's generous heart fully committed to supporting each one of us on the Pilgrimage. The group of strong, beautiful women that walked with each other on this journey was a treasure.   To be witnessed and held in my experience and vulnerability as well as offer my presence to my sisters was a precious gift.  This journey offers both a personal inward deepening as well creating a magical web of community.   This is such an abundant offering, a lifetime of study and tools have been generously gifted in this process, and I will be weaving it all into the rest of the days of my life.

-Tricia Gourley


Angelika is the True living embodiment of a Wise Woman Elder guiding women who seek to receive her wisdom through the depth of the medicine wheel.  Her presence is heartfelt and  compassionate, and she holds within her this knowingness, a way of insightful seeing that is clear in spending time with her.  I was Truly grateful to have the blessing of sharing in the Green Edler circle within the realm of her facilitation.  The small group environment allowed for intimacy of connection and relationship throughout the process.  I felt held the whole time.  As a psychotherapist, I have high standards for spaces I allow myself to be a part of.  Angelika held a container where I could fully let go to allow myself to be vulnerable and held.

~Lesley Hudson, MS

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