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Angelika has been by my side throughout many soul and life journeys over the years. The richness of her own life experiences allows her to relate to other women with a compassionate and open heart. Angelika's clear guidance arises from a place of deepest integrity. I am grateful for all her support and her beautiful presence in my life. She is my friend, sister and a true elder.

-Susanna R.@ Raven Crest Botanicals

"Angelika is a good relative that I have had the honor to work with!"


As an indigenous brown chicana womxn, I'm filled with immense gratitude for Angelika's generous guidance and sharing ancient rituals freely. I have witnessed and experienced abundant love from Angelika as well as direct messages that pierce my illuminating core. With the support and encouragement from Angelika, I feel more than prepared to walk through my own threshold from maiden to mother. These rights of passage are incredibly important to me. My seeking for guidance connected me to Angelika, a wise one, a grandmother, an elder. I completely support The Green Elder project now more than ever. We need elders guiding us, sharing their stories, and making themselves seen and accessible so we can find them. Angelika Heikaus truly embodies the spirit of an elder and the soul of a grandmother.

-Kristina Lunai Numina @femmecina Mujerista, Guerrera, Ritualista, Maestra

Angelika Heikaus is an embodiment of the divine feminine priestess, complete with endless resources to share.  No one is more finished with life's inner work.  Even as elders. we become more refined, not necessarily to circumstances that defined our past, but the ever evolving present.  I truly feel her course will help a person to move more freely within the great mystery of being human, presenting tools to continue to embrace the inevitable changes with courage, wisdom, motivation, and grace.  


  -Elisabeth Ford

COURAGE, WISDOM, LEADERSHIP "These are the three keys to unlock the stuck old self." Angelika has ways to help us unlock the doors to tap into the power within our own being. She is a wise medicine woman, who leads you through the most challenging places with her powerful songs and medicine and supports you to turn all failure into rich manure for new growth. When I was broken and lost, she helped me to find my strength and believe in myself again. She saw a strength in me that I had lost sight of and encouraged me to move forward in a new way with a song in my heart.  I highly recommend her services for any woman, who stands on the threshold of the mid-life and wants to continue to grow!

 -Silke Rose West (Founder of Taos Earth children / co-author: How to tell stories to children) 

The elemental forces of these high desert lands of New Mexico are a formidable teacher- they shape your growth and define your medicine.

It has been an empowering experience to know and share time with Angelika- She is a wondrous magical human being and wisdom keeper.                      Her power comes through in the subtlety of her graciousness, kindness, vitality, and clarity.  She lives by example in the Beauty Way (green sustainable living) and her reverence for the natural world.  Angelika is an inspiration in her deep abiding gifts through working with plants, songs, sight, and stories.  She is a student of life and the cosmic teachings of the universe.

May we all find our way into conscious elderhood.  May we release what keeps us from our clear knowing and soul's purpose.  AND, if you need a wayshower- Angelika walks a potent path.

-Renee Angele Mason

Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico

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