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Tonalamatl Readings

your path illuminated


The Aztec calendar, also known as Tonalamatl, is a pre Hispanic Mexican science based and mythological practice of the connection of inner personal realms in relationship with the deities of the elementals, directions, seasons, and in association with certain animal spirits.

The Tonalamtl calendar (Nahuatl language) is believed to be a legacy and gift of the ancestors.

The way the calendar reads in astrological terms is based on the calculations of time and the destiny of the human in an immensely detailed and precise study of mathematics and sacred geometry.

With each individual constellation and astrological chart we get to engage and explore our personal blueprint, greater potential, wisdom, strength, weaknesses, and opportunities to grow closer towards our life's purpose.


In the last decade I have been so fortunate to participate in the studies of the energies of the 'Danza de La Luna', the moondance, in Mexico.

The Tonalamatl calendar was introduced to me via these studies and has been an essential part and truly instrumental guide in my day-to-day life with inspiration, insight, and creativity. 


The tools that arise from the teachings are very hands on and user friendly.  I am forever grateful to my teacher and moondance chief Abuela Malinalli who sparked the awareness, dedication, and love for this work.

For a deeper understanding of  what the work entails contact Angelika.

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